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I'm Adi,

The mother of Naomi and Tamar and married to Tal. I live in Yokneam, my hometown and love to be with my family and friends….
After completing my undergraduate degree in organizational sociology, I realized I did not want to work in the field.

And so began a new journey to find myself. I found myself going back to work in a clothing store that turned out to be an inspiration for me as well as to other beautiful women. A period of female empowerment where I actually found all my desires. All that was left is to find a place I will connect to in order to start my new journey.

And so it was, I got married and while being the mother of a one-year-old baby I enrolled to interior design studies at WIZO Haifa and I finally felt home… As one who does not like to be confined into a framework, I found myself in a frame without a frame, a lot of freedom to act, to fly on the wings of the imagination and mostly to enjoying every minute ..

I finished my degree and jumped into the cold water. I opened my office (Adi Zilberberg Interior Design from A to Z) in 2012 and still operate it as a boutique office for my special customers. From that moment until today I feel like I have not worked one day in my life. Every day is not like another, I am full of interest, satisfaction and thirst to widen my horizons and develop my skills.

I strongly believe that proper design begins first of all with listening, internalizing and correctly identifying the customer’s desires and needs. In addition, I strongly believe that a good designer should have three dominant qualities that guide him/her in every project and project:

Emotional intelligence, broad spatial vision, flexibility, and creativity

When a designer is endowed with these three qualities even the sky is not the limit for him/her. The ability to adapt to each customer and each project, sharpens the mind and enables the creation of creative and innovative solutions. The ability to see the whole picture down to the last detail helps to formulate a design language from the beginning of the project, and create unique items adapted to the space and the customer.
Three concepts guide my office: clean – personal – creative, and they are the starting point for each of my designs.

Clean Paperless design, great expression of materials in the space and formal cleanliness.
Personal Tailoring the design to the customer’s requirements and needs, whether it is a private or a commercial project. Consideration of their personal taste and their main needs.
Creative Just let me fly…

The work processes with Adi Zilberberg

So how do we get started? As I mentioned, I believe that a good designer knows how to connect and identify the needs of the customers (emotional intelligence – one of the most important qualities). First of all, we explore the chemistry. Yes Chemistry… 

Why do you ask? We are going on a significant journey, a process that will take about six months for a renovation project, and up to two years in case of the construction of a new house, whether it is a contractor’s apartment, a private home or any other process that may be delayed.

So, the chemistry is very important, to know how to be honest and truthful with each other, to know how to deal with divided opinions and complicated situations we have no control over… because we are people working with people… and as one that believes in collaborations between professionals I know that making the right connection will lead to spectacular results.
We go ahead… Sit down for our first meeting, you talk and I listen, I ask questions and you answer…

Let’s go, I start to work on the sketches for the project, and in the meantime, you have made a folder with inspirational photos that you liked.
We met again, to analyze the sketches at my discretion and at your discretion, I already said we work together, no?

You like it ????? We continue with 3D imaging, of course only if you choose to do so.

2. The importance of interior design

By: Adi Zilberberg Aesthetics, beauty, harmony are three concepts we hear when we refer to design, in particular interior design. Why are they so important in home or business design, what do they create? And especially how do they affect us, our minds and feelings… In order to understand the impact of these concepts in space design, one must first understand these concepts. In short, aesthetics is actually a whole theory. A philosophical doctrine that began in the 19th century, despite many references in ancient times by Plato. The philosopher Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten argued that there should be a field of inquiry that teaches us how to feel and how to see objects in nature. So in fact aesthetics = sensory perception. Anything that is perceived by the senses and causes pleasure and enjoyment from the very act of contemplation

3. Additional content in the attached file

And what if you did not like the imaging? We go out shopping, only after I made sure you left your wallet at home, because we are going to explore your personal taste… Get ready for a fun and enjoyable day ..

You like it ????? We start to prepare all the plans for execution: demolition, construction, electricity, plumbing, carpentry, kitchen, lighting, ceilings, etc. all that is required to carry out the project. And at the same time, we start to purchase…

All that is left is to choose the professionals who will accompany us in the project and get going.
How do we choose our professionals? Of course, I have suppliers and professionals that I will always be happy to recommend and work with in any of my project, because then I can sleep soundly and you can stay relaxed. But I never limit the choice, and invite you to obtain quotations from new suppliers. But remember that we will always go to check their work on the projects they have completed and of course we will check that the recommendations on them come only from personal experience….

We are on our journey, surprises along the way….

I would love for you to join me and my staff to be part of our clientele and enjoy a unique and yet achievable design.

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